Sunday, September 15, 2013

Anniversaries, Blue Man Group, and my upcoming Eurotrip

So, I celebrated the second anniversary of my 21st birthday a few Thursdays ago. As life would have it, it's the second anniversary of my 21st that I've spent in Sydney. I chose to spend this one with some of the greatest people I've ever met (my flatmates and surrogate flatmate Megan). We went to the 360 bar at the Sydney tower, which slowly rotates while you dine and drink. The bar offers amazing views of Sydney from almost 1,000 feet above the streets! Then a few of us went to Baxter's, a quaint 1920's speak easy themed underground bar with a lovely candlelit atmosphere. After some free wine and good company, we called it a night to prepare for the next day of birthday festivities. The following day, we went to Outback Steakhouse where I had a delicious plate of baby back ribs and a gluten free chocolate cake. Then we finished off the night at Ivy bar where some of us went for a spontaneous swim in the pool with our clothes on. Overall I really enjoyed the weekend especially when I wasn't thinking about the concept of aging. 

360 Restaurant and Bar (Sydney Tower)



Anyway, yesterday I got free tickets to see the Blue Man Group, which was quite cool and somewhat indescribable. I would have pictures to post, but photography was strictly forbidden and would hardly capture the awesomeness and uniqueness that is the blue men. However, I truly hope that one day you will each get the opportunity to experience it for yourself.

Finally and most importantly, an incredible opportunity has presented itself in the form of a family vacation and European adventure, and I decided to take it because quite frankly I would be crazy not to. I am going to Italy and Ireland, and I leave this week!!! I have always dreamt of backpacking across Europe for a gap year, as most young Americans do, and even though this isn't quite the experience I pictured, it is an amazing opportunity to see two countries I've never been to and I couldn't be more ecstatic about it! I will be accompanying my mom and some other family members that I am excited to see and catch up with, and we will be spending a week traveling in each country. Furthermore, I am even more over the moon about it after discovering that Italy is extremely accommodating to people with Celiac disease and gluten free dietary restrictions in general. So in other words, I don't even have to miss out on the amazing food! So stay tuned for a Euro blog coming soon...

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