About me

Machu Picchu, Peru

I am just an average 20 something crossing off bucket-list items, one adventure at a time, while trying to sort out the emotional roller coaster that is my twenties. I feel the pressure of my biological clock, and I have insecurities and doubts. But at the end of the day, I put it all aside and seize the opportunities life offers me. 

I have collected a Masters Degree in International Development from the University of Sydney along with a Bachelors Degree in Sustainability and Global Health from Arizona State University, which I decided to put on a shelf while I backpack, hike, volunteer, work and explore cultures abroad.

I am currently residing in an enigmatic pocket of Brooklyn, where I am taking full advantage of Netflix and fast internet. I just moved back from my last adventure in Tanzania on Lake Victoria, where I was an Executive Assistant for a non profit organization called Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children. Previously, I lived in Peru for 8 months teaching English, and before that I lived in Australia for a year studying, bar-tending, interning with Save the children and frequenting the beaches. I was born in Germany but grew up mostly in Arizona. I have been traveling since birth due to an adventurous Army mom, and I have lived on five continents so far. 

My mission in life is to learn about other cultures while alleviating poverty and bringing awareness to the social and economic injustices that women and girls face around the world. 

I am my happiest after a hike, especially if it ends with a waterfall! I pride myself on my ability to meticulously map out a trip and simultaneously disregard plans and embrace spontaneity. I enjoy losing myself in exotic places with new people and strange conversations, almost as much as I enjoy reflecting and writing about it afterwards. 

I also thoroughly enjoy rollercoasters, and I have seen every episode of Friends at least 3 times. When I'm in the states you can find me at the rock gym or eating sweet and sour shrimp at Pei Wei. So enough useless information about me...Check out my blog.