Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to reality

After being back for a little over a week, it's abundantly clear that I miss Uganda! Don't get me wrong, I truly have developed an appreciation for flush toilets, warm showers, and the ability to live without a constant layer of 80% deet, sweat and dirt on my skin. However, I really miss the lifestyle of Uganda, the people, and the scenery! It's been quite an adjustment to go back to school, and my internship and I'm not sure if and when it will get easier. It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone including the women in Bandali village, the children at the babies home and the volunteers in Jinja! I miss everyone so much already! 

Reflecting on my time in Uganda, I've decided a few things:
  • I want to refocus my career path in international development to have a much stronger focus around public health.
  • I definitely want to work in developing countries but I need a balance between village life and a base camp so to speak in a more urban area (basically I need access to electricity, running water, and healthcare).
  • I need to find a location that is more accommodating to a gluten-free diet.
  • I no longer want to do the Peace Corps, but instead I'd like to do similar work with an NGO in a group setting.
  • I need to learn another language (I'm thinking Spanish)

I am really nervous about not having my next move figured out after graduation, but I'm hopeful and excited about what will come next in my life!

Here are some highlights of my trip 
(I added some safari pictures to my last blog post as well):

rafting on the Nile

swimming in Lake Kivu (on the border of Rwanda and the DRC)

My last day in the Village with all the women from the English and HIV/Family Planning class

Some of the women from class (Royi on the left and her sister and baby Joyce on her shoulder)

Sipi Falls with some of the best people in the world!

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