Thursday, January 15, 2015

Swahili and good company

My first week has been a fast-paced, and at times slow introduction into Tanzania and my new job at JBFC. I am trying my best to learn Swahili, meet all 45 girls in the refuge, bond with the 4 other international staff members, learn about farming and permaculture, figure out what food I can eat, and settle into my new role as an administrative assistant. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey, but it can be a little hectic with mornings sneakily transitioning into evening, as the days blend together. 

My progress on learning Swahili can be summed up by saying "mambo" for "what's up?" And "Nzuri" (good) in response to any question that starts with the words "habari za". This means I can fake like I understand what's going on. 

The people are all lovely and there is always somebody to hang out with, whether it be the girls, the staff, volunteers/guests, or the friendly campus dogs. There is not much else that can't be said by a picture. So here's my first week in photos...

The secondary teachers learning how to use the rachel pi intranet program on the tablets (an educational resource for schools in developing countries without internet access)
The library

The primary school
Great quote in the library with map that volunteers painted
The Science Lab
Learning about permaculture
A Maasai guard herding the donkeys
The Joseph and Mary schools and girls home in the background

Arts and crafts with teachers from Sarah Lawrence College
More creative time with Sarah Lawrence
This dog reminds me of Bailey
The bbq area/ "staff hangout spot" overlooking Lake Victoria

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