Tuesday, December 30, 2014

18 suggestions for wannabe adults in 2015

When you're in your twenties, most of us are like an adult-teenager hybrid. We have most of the responsibilities of adulthood, but we don't quite identify with them as much as say, our parents. Despite that, we still have to work, pay bills, and find a life partner. Even more overwhelming, we have to do it all without a guidebook. So here are some simple things you can do in 2015, to help ease into adulthood without even knowing you're doing it.
  1. expand your attention span (ideally so that it is long enough to sit through a podcast)
  2. read one book for every television series you finish
  3. learn a good joke
  4. master a unique party trick (other than the joke)
  5. follow the news on at least one current event and research all about its history, so you have something more to add to adult conversations 
  6. really listen to someone with a completely different perspective from yourself, without thinking about how you're going to respond
  7. attempt to ween yourself off chapstick or coffee (whichever is easier, and makes you feel like you quit something)
  8. do something you're afraid of (except bungee jumping...never bungee jumping!)
  9. ask more questions, and give your opinion less (unless specifically asked for it, because every conversation is not a platform for you to express your strong political views)
  10. journal just for you (the old fashioned way with paper and pen...not on Facebook)
  11. be more decisive about the little things (butterfly effect aside, whether you meet your friend at the coffee shop uptown or downtown probably won't make that big of a difference in the grand scheme of things)
  12. let your friends make their own mistakes (hours of giving advice, just to have it be ignored- only hurts you)
  13. develop an answer to the questions: "what are your hobbies?" and "what gives your life meaning?"
  14. call your mom sometimes and earn browny points, plus life is short and you never know...
  15. watch more sunsets and sunrises (depending on your schedule), but just allow yourself 20 minutes to do nothing but enjoy our view of Earth's rotation
  16. don't text and drive, don't drink and text, don't text while you're with friends... just don't include texting in your multitasking portfolio
  17. spend less time on your superficial appearance (hair, make up, etc.), and more time on your health
  18. smile everyday. Smile when you're happy, smile when you're sad, smile at strangers, smile when you're alone. Just smile.
You do these things, and I guarantee you'll enter 2016 feeling more like an adult.

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