Friday, September 12, 2014


         Words can't quite do justice to Valapraiso. To articulate its beauty would almost be too cliche. So I'll simply say this...the streets were truly alive, and the souls of each artist who contributed to their life were visible in the countless murals and graffiti stained streets. The many famous poets who were drawn to and inspired by its labrynth only further prove its unique charm. Each neighborhood is different, but every corner made me more intrigued than the next. Its style is similar to the vibe you can experience in Melbourne or San Francisco but with an added Latin flare that simply can't be mimicked. 

          The highlight of our short visit was roaming the corridors of Pablo Neruda's home, La Sebastiana. Exploring the famous Chilean Poet's house and all the antiques it contained, was a neat way to absorb a different perspective of the city through his beautifully written poems that were scattered throughout the rooms. I also have to credit our vivacious and helpful hosts at Hostal Jacaranda for sending us off with a foolproof map and plan to tackle the surrounding area.

         Two days of wandering the streets and nibbling my way through the cafes was meerly enough to peek my curiosity. Somewhere between the salmon ceviche and guava gelato I lost myself in the delicious cuisine of Chili's coast. If that wasn't enough, sipping chardonnay in Fauna a lovely rooftop bar with panoramic views of the eclectic architecture, certainly ignited my desire to return more prepared for what the colorful city has to offer. So until we meet again Valparaiso, I suppose my memory of your ebullience will have to suffice.

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