Sunday, October 13, 2013

Royal National Park

Minja, Megan, Claire, Kelsey, Me, Manisha

So, today my friends and I all decided to go on an adventure.  We took the train to Cronulla, and then a ferry to Bundeena to get to the Royal National Park (about 40 km south of the Sydney CBD). After that we trekked through the bush until we found the trail, and then the journey began. Our goal was to hike to Wattamolla waterfall and lagoon, but we didn't quite make it there. Anyway the hike was great, not too hard, not too easy and the scenery was incredible. Here are some things we saw along the way...

These cliffs,

which we thought would be a good photo op for boxing poses.

These cool looking rocks, which Manisha and I are sitting on

This view 

& we went for a swim at Marley Beach 

Around about the time we arrived at Marley Beach, most of us were running low on vital supplies such as water and food, so we decided to head back. By the time we made it back to town to catch the ferry we were completely out of our collective water rations and all extremely dehydrated. It was probably quite an entertaining site to watch all of us desperately running into the convenient store to guzzle several bottles of Powerade and water. Especially because at this point we were all full of salt, sand, sunscreen, our hair was a mess and we were sunburnt. Even though we didn't make it to the lagoon, we did go for a nice swim at Marley Beach, which was extremely refreshing! Even more refreshing than the water, was the exfoliation treatment we got from the wind shooting sand at us at rapid speeds, which got in every entity of my swimsuit and belongings! Overall, the day felt like a success, regardless of not meeting our goal. However, I am determined to go back and see the falls and swim in the lagoon! Moral of the story: ALWAYS pack more water. 

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